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LED Light Bulb Maintenance
Jun 15, 2018

LED lamp belt in production will inevitably produce undesirable, and for LED lights with defective products maintenance is a need for special attention.

Because the LED light belt in the maintenance is very easy because of improper operation, which led to the scrap of the lamp belt.

1. Anti-static 

Because the LED is electrostatic sensitive components, if the maintenance of LED lights when not doing a good job of anti-static measures, will burn led, resulting in waste.

Note here is that soldering iron must be used to prevent static electric soldering, while maintenance personnel must also do anti-static measures (such as wearing electrostatic rings and anti-static gloves, etc.)

2. Continuous high temperature 

LED lights with two important components of the LED and FPC, are not sustainable high-temperature-resistant products. FPC if the continuous high temperature or exceed its temperature, it will make FPC film blister, directly caused by the LED lamp with scrap. At the same time, led can not continue to withstand high temperatures, at high temperature for a long time, the chip will be burned by high temperature. Therefore, the maintenance of LED lamp belt used in the soldering iron must adopt temperature control soldering iron, the temperature limit in a range, the prohibition of casual changes and settings.

In addition, even so, it is also necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of soldering iron in the LED foot stop time more than 10 seconds, if more than this time, it is likely to burn led chips.

3. Short Circuit 

A lot of LED light is bad because there is a short circuit in the foot position, before the maintenance must find out the real bad reasons. Otherwise, rashly replace the bad led, again power will continue to cause the LED chip by short-circuit current breakdown. Therefore, before replacing the new LED, we must first find out the real reason for the bad, the right remedy to be more effective

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