The maintenance of LED energy-saving lamp that can't be lighted normally
Jun 15, 2018

1, common for resonant capacitor C6 breakdown (short-circuit) or pressure reduction (soft breakdown), should be replaced with pressure in the 1kV above the same capacity of high-quality polyester or CBB capacitor. 

2, the tube filament open. If the lamp is not seriously blackening, can be in the broken wire lamp feet at both ends parallel 0.047μf/400v polyester capacitor after emergency use.

3, R1, R2 open or variable value (generally to R1 fault probability is greater), with the same resistance 1/4w high quality resistance substitution. 

4, transistor open circuit. If found that only one transistor open circuit, but can not replace one, but should replace a pair of pressure in the same type of 400V and above the switch tube. Otherwise prone to light roll or burn the tube again. 

5, the lights flashing non-stop. If the lamp is not seriously black, check D5, D6 have no virtual welding or open circuit, if D5, D6 soft breakdown or filter capacitor C1 leakage and bad, will make the lights flashing non-stop.

6, lamp is difficult to light, sometimes with hand touch lamp can light or light roll, this may be C3, C4 capacity is insufficient, not paired.

7, if a single small power energy-saving lamp light lights red or light-emitting phenomenon, should also check the D1~D4 has no soft breakdown, C1 whether or not to install reverse or leakage, power supply part of a short circuit.

8, choke L and oscillation transformer B magnetic heart has broken. If a single change of magnetic core, pay attention to three points: (1) The use of the magnetic core to meet the requirements, otherwise it may make the inductance value of the choke is larger and different, to the energy-saving lamp buried hidden Dangers, (2) magnetic gap can not be too small to avoid magnetic saturation, (3) between the magnetic gap with the appropriate cushion liner, adhesive, and wrapped in high-temperature flame retardant tape, to prevent loosening. In addition, the end of the same name for B cannot be answered incorrectly.

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