Energy-saving lamp can improve the utilization of power supply
Jun 15, 2018

Commonly known as the "energy-saving lamp" official name for the compact tri-phosphor rare earth energy-saving fluorescent lamps, but in fact, energy-saving lamps also include low-voltage nano-lamp, high pressure turner lamp, fluorescent high-pressure mercury lamp, metal halide lamp, high-frequency electrodeless lamp, T8 turn T5, LED lights, thin tube fluorescent T5 and compact fluorescent lamps.

Energy-saving lamps generally have a high degree of illumination, light decay small, long life and other characteristics. Its LED products have broken the previous technical difficulties of illumination, compared to the general energy-saving lamps 50%. Energy-saving transformer can reduce line loss, improve power factor of power grid, improve effective utilization rate of power grid equipment, but also choose suitable capacity transformer according to actual need, avoid "big horse cart". In view of the characteristic that most industrial load is the inductive load, the shunt capacitor is used to compensate the reactive power on the spot, to improve the power factor, to reduce the total current of the line, to reduce the active loss of the line, to improve the utilization rate and finally achieve the effect of saving electricity.

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